About the Game

Hash Rush brings an immersive new experience to gamers around the globe. Earn cryptocurrency rewards while enjoying a deep, challenging and ever-growing strategy game.

Hash Rush is an upcoming sci-fi PC title that brings cryptocurrency mining to the world of real-time strategy gaming.

Build your colony on a small planet in the expansive Hermeian Universe. Mine valuable Crypto Crystals, defend your buildings and trade with other players to make your colony into the envy of the galaxy.

Prepare for an RTS that's on the forefront of innovation, with a refreshing trading system, captivating artwork, and compete against fellow players for real-world cryptocurrency rewards.

Hash Rush launches on PC in Q3 2018.

Play. Mine. Earn.


Build & Defend

Mine Crystals

Trade P2P

Earn Crypto

Rick's Ravagers

Coming soon

The Ernacks

Playable in Pre-Alpha

The Highborn of Eldaria

Coming soon