Play. Mine. Earn.

Hash Rush brings real hashing power to the world
of real-time strategy gaming – allowing gamers to
earn valuable cryptocurrency rewards while playing.

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The Traveller

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Build your mining colony in the expansive Hermeian Universe. Compete with other players, complete quests, reap cryptocurrency rewards and make your colony into the envy of the galaxy.

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The Ernacks

The Ernacks are small, cloaked creatures led by the wise and mysterious Traveller. But don’t let their looks fool you — there’s more to them than meets the eye.

Rick’s Ravagers

Abandoned by their former allies, Rick’s Ravagers are taking matters in their own hands. With Rick Everrusty at the helm, they seek to rebuild their destroyed home.

The Highborn of Eldaria

This once graceful faction has corrupted and aged. As their ruler, Madame Violet uses all means, no matter the end.