- Hash Rush is the first strategy game that is powered by real hash power. The game is set in a fictional solar system where cryptocurrencies are the main source of income.

- The objective of the game is to manage the colony, advance into neighbouring territories and transform your little colony into the envy of the entire solar system. While playing the game you earn minable cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ethereum classic, Zcash and so on.
 - Choose from 3 different factions, each with their own look, play style and storyline. After choosing a faction the player is given a planet in one of 3 sectors in the Hermeian Solar System where he/she can start building a mining colony. 
 - Use our Rush Coin tokens to buy more unit and improve your mining colony with various upgrades that improve your overall hash-power.
 - With every unit you buy you get a unique unit card that can be crafted into better ones or traded. You will be able to purchase RC with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC) or Qtum (QTUM). The initial conversion rate is 1000 RC for every 1 ETH, and the advantages of purchasing Rush Coins during the Pre-ICO are:
 ●Beta access to the Hash Rush game ●Choose your own faction without waiting in queue ●Get special in-game titles, badges and tradable cards. ●Receive a Rush Coin conversion rate bonus of up to 25%

Note that the Pre-ICO will run from 16 August to 1 September, with a minimum entry threshold of 50 ETH. The ICO will run from 13 September until 13 October, with a minimum entry threshold of 0.1 ETH. This September we are organizing our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and pre-ICO. During these times, you can purchase Rush Coins(ERC-20 compliant). The total number of tokens distributed will be capped at 70 million, from which 64,050,000 or 91.5% will be available during the pre-sale and the ICO. GAME DESCRIPTION ico
hermeian solar system
concept art the team Mining Farm Engineering and Maintenance Art & Front-End Developement Smart Contract Developement Game Production & Developement Kristaps Vaivods, Maris Ziedonis and their team from ETHinvest are responsible for maintaining the mining farm at our facility in Riga, Latvia. We keep a close eye on the machinery and the produced hash power. Our main job is to extend our mining farm power and introduce new minable cryptocurrencies, which increases retail demand and game player count. In October, we will create the Hash Rush mining pool for Ethereum and later Ethereum Classic. BC studio and their team, led by concept artist Dendy Dhamier and the front end developer Kaan Dagkilic, will mainly deal with the webpage, marketing and art content. The HR designers and developers will closely work together to keep up a steady supply of ideas and content for the Hash Rush project. Jefferson Davis, or as we like to call him: ‘Jeff’, and the BC studio team will deal with everything that is related to the development of the smart contract. This includes the pre-ICO and ICO smart contracts, as well as the more advanced Hash Rush pay-out system. Everything regarding the Hash Rush project is handled with care and this is no exception. We attract independent industry professionals from outside the HR project team to audit our smart contracts and its back-end mechanics. Rafal Nowocien from the original Witcher series is the senior game producer for Hash Rush and will be working with a team of game developers from TractorSetGO. They are handling the game development stages, from the MVP to the core game. Because of the chemistry, the professionalism and the creativity these guys have, they will keep creating future content that will be available for players free of charge. Kristaps Vaivods Kaan Dagkilic Maris Ziedonis Dendy Dhamier Jefferson Davis Adrian Bugnar Christie Christian Rafal Nowocien Razvan Suciu Horea Trinca Radu Corbu
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Join the Pre-ICO now!
Join the Pre-ICO now!
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